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Welcome to our August Newsletter
Important information on an upcoming change: Effective from August 28th, we will introduce our new logo on labels and technical documentation. This change will only affect the appearance of some documents and all other aspects of the day-to-day business will remain the same, including our business, product quality and delivery chain contacts. Also, the respective corporate names and addresses used for purchasing and remittance will remain unchanged at this time.
New Products
BT 13 - GFL mimetic
BT 13 
I Code: BB168381
- GFL mimetic
- Activator of RET tyrosine kinase 
- Promotes neurite outgrowth and alleviates mechanical hypersensitivity in animal model for neuropathy
GSK 563 - Inhibitor of GVIA iPLA2

GK 563 I Code: BG168610
- Inhibitor of calcium-independent phospholipase
- Potent inhibitor with IC50 of 1 nM
- Inhibits apoptosis in β pancreatic cells
Ataciguat - activator of soluble guanylyl cyclase
 Ataciguat I Code: FA18005
- Activator of soluble guanylyl cyclase
- Stimulates cGMP production 
- Potentiates the nitric oxide signaling pathway
- Promotes vasorelaxation and hypotension
New logo on packaging and documentation
Effective from August 28th, we will introduce the new logo on our labels and technical documentation including order confirmations, invoices, MSDS and other relevant documentation.
Opium poppy
Upgrade to Controlled Drugs Licence
Following further accreditation from the UK Home Office, we now hold all possible levels of controlled drugs licence. This licence allows us to supply, source  and manufacture any controlled substance of synthetic, semi-synthetic or natural origin.
In September and October we will be exhibiting at 2 events. Book a meeting with our experts here.
SCI/RSC Medicinal Chemistry Symposium - Cambridge, United Kingdom - 8th - 11th September
Neuroscience 2019 - Chicago, United States - 19th - 23rd October   
Top Citations
The role of α-fucosidases in S. pneumoniae infection
Lewis antigens LeA, LeB, LeX, LeY , blood group H antigens and fucosyllactoses were used to characterize two bacterial α-fucosidases, which are involved in the S. pneumoniae infection.

Drug repurposing: fluoxetine has antiviral activity against Enteroviruses
(S)-fluoxetine inhibits replication of enteroviruses by binding to the non-structural protein 2C.

Kidney bean extract prevents and protects from metabolic syndrome markers
The effects of the bean extract were comparable to reference drugs metformin and atorvastatin.
(주)모아바이오 주소/연락처/팩스