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[BioVision] BioVision’s Cancer Stem Cell Inhibitors

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Eliminate the roots of cancer recurrence!

Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) are cancerous cells that show properties of normal stem cells. They are a small population of cancerous cells within a tumor. They show unlimited self-renewal, differentiates into different lineages, are highly tumorigenic and are resistant to chemotherapy. If the chemotherapy does not kill CSCs, the cancer cells will restart, grow and metastasize. Targeting CSC-related signaling pathways are emerging as a potential therapeutic approach to treat cancer. The major pathways affecting CSCs includes Wnt, Hedgehog and Notch signaling pathways. Many small molecule inhibitors of CSC-related signaling pathways are in clinical trials. Some inhibitors such as Vismodegib and Glasdegib have been approved for treatment of cancer. BioVision offers a broad range of Cancer Stem Cell Inhibitors for research targeting different proteins for eradication of CSCs and cancer recurrence. 

Key Features:

  • Highly potent and selective inhibitors
  • Broad range of inhibitors and targets to choose from
  • Cost-Effective
  • High purity
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Figure: Chemoresistance of Cancer Stem Cells

Check out some of the Cancer Stem Cell inhibitors from BioVision:

Product NameCat. No.SizeCAS. No.
B15775 mg, 25 mg 896795-60-1 
B1578 5 mg, 25 mg329059-55-4
Cancer Cell Stemness Inhibitor I
24765 mg, 25 mg83280-65-3 
Emetine dihydrochloride
197050 mg, 250 mg 316-42-7 
2623100 μg, 500 μg 133613-71-5 
B1656 5 mg, 25 mg1382979-44-3
GNE 477
B1657 5 mg, 25 mg 1032754-81-6 
B1579 5 mg, 25 mg 448906-42-1 
26965 mg, 25 mg 1378872-36-6
25155 mg, 25 mg 1426576-80-8 
B1659 5 mg, 25 mg 1276553-09-3
28235 mg, 25 mg 1061353-68-1 
Pyrvinium Pamaote
B1593 5 mg, 25 mg 3546-41-6 
Salinomycin Sodium
B1584 25 mg, 100 mg 55721-31-8
B1580 5 mg, 25 mg 218136-59-5 
Thioridazine Hydrochloride
B1581 1 mg, 5 mg 130-61-0 
B1582 5 mg, 25 mg 934369-14-9 
B1582 5 mg, 25 mg 129497-78-5
96031 mg, 5 mg 1246560-33-7 

Click here to see BioVision's complete list of Cancer Stem Cell Inhibitors and flyer.

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